Everything for your Pet

At Arundel Veterinary Surgery, we specialize in delivering complete companion animal care designed to meet all of your pet’s veterinary needs – from routine wellness visits and preventative care to advanced diagnostic testing to comprehensive dental care, surgery and much, much more. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff, state-of-the-art facilities and cutting edge services are designed to assist your pet through every life stage – from kitten and puppyhood through adulthood and on through the golden years.

We want to become your trusted partner and will work hard to help your pet enjoy a long, happy and healthy life.

The extensive list of veterinary health care services offered at Arundel Veterinary Surgery include:


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Routine wellness and preventative care provide a solid foundation on which your pet can enjoy a lifetime of good health. From individualized vaccination plans to parasite prevention to nutritional counseling and weight management, the wellness care available at Arundel Veterinary Surgery is designed to help our patients enjoy long, happy and healthy lives.

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To truly manage your pet’s ongoing health we must be able to look below the surface and understand exactly what’s going on inside their body. Veterinary diagnostics – such as blood work, urinalysis, x-ray and ultrasound – allow our veterinarians to gather the information they need to identify, diagnose and treat a wide array of illnesses and injuries in a timely manner so that we can help get your pet back on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

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At some point during your pet’s lifetime, chances are he or she will need to undergo some type of surgery, whether it’s a routine procedure or something more complex. At Arundel Veterinary Surgery, we want you to feel confident that when you bring your animal companion to us for surgery, they will be in excellent hands.

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Keeping your pet’s teeth and gums clean does more than just prevent bad breath. It could actually save your pet’s life. Dental disease is a common yet serious condition that can wreak havoc on an animal’s entire body. The good news is it’s preventable. Through the comprehensive veterinary dental care provided at Arundel Veterinary Surgery, your pet can enjoy a happy, healthy mouth for life.

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Puppy & Kitten Vaccination

Like children, puppies and kittens need a course of vaccinations to help protect them against diseases. In the case of puppies this includes parvovirus, hepatitis, distemper and kennel cough. With kittens this includes flu and enteritis
There are additional vaccinations which we can offer if they are indicated

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An adult dog needs routine vaccination to help protect against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus and Kennel cough. Kennels also require you to have an up to date vaccination before being allowed onto their premises.
There are different regimes for vaccination and we can tailor them to suit your dog's requirements

Cats require yearly vaccination for flu and enteritis

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Class K Laser Therapy

Here at Arundel Veterinary Surgery we have all the latest technologies including the Class 4 K Laser

We are the only clinic on the Gold Coast to have TWO of these Class 4 lasers and they have proved invaluable in helping treat arthritis, muscle injuries, ear infections ( otitis), wound healing,  post-surgery healing.

We also receive referrals from other clinics for pets that need laser therapy.

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Arundel Veterinary surgery perform routine desexings of cats and dogs, male and female. We also perform the less routine desexings such as cryptorchid (retained testicles) and use ultrasound to locate the offending items thus reducing the surgery time in finding them in the abdomen.

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Puppy School

Miranda has taken over the running of our puppy school from Vanessa in 2021. She is an experienced cert 4 nurse and takes the four week course on either Monday or Wednesday nights.

For more details  come over to our dedicated website www.puppypreschoolgoldcoast.com.au
or phone the clinic 07 5529 0700

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High End Ultrasound

Dr Robert is a highly experienced sonographer that has taught the benefits of ultrasound to many vets worldwide. Our top of the range machines are used regularly used to help us diagnose your pet's conditions and we also perform referral work for other Vet clinics on the gold Coast.

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Delicate Care Dog and Cat Food​

We know the power of food to promote a long and healthy life. Working with one of Australia’s leading pet nutritionists, Delicate Care have created a range of specialist and everyday formulations. Their premium ingredients are at the cutting edge of nutritional science and include our unique Omega MagicTM Oil Blend, prebiotics and chelated trace minerals. Their entire range is ‘All – Australian’,  hypoallergenic, all natural, GMO-free and nutritionally complete. Delicate Care™ is the only food your cat or dog will need.

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