Puppy School on the Gold Coast

Your puppy goes through a lot in their first few months of life. Bring them to a puppy school so that you and your new dog can learn together. Arundel Veterinary Surgery provides a high-quality puppy school on the Gold Coast that will teach you and your dog everything you both need to know. We will teach you the healthcare steps you need to take, and we’ll show you training exercises which you can use to help your puppy learn all the basic cues.

Summary of the class schedule



During the first week, we’ll introduce you and your puppy to puppy school. We’ll go over sitting on cue, mat training and settling techniques. You’ll learn about nutrition, exercise and environmental enrichment for your new puppy.



During week two, we start by discussing vaccinations, handling techniques, toilet training and grooming, while your puppy learns to come and stay on cue and begins toilet training. You’ll also learn how to perform your own puppy health check. This simple examination covers all major areas of the body and when it is done on a regular basis, it helps your puppy to become accustomed to being handled and allows you to recognise the early signs that your puppy may need to see the vet.



We demonstrate how to train your puppy to drop on cue and how to walk on a loose lead and parasite control, including tick paralysis.



Graduation awaits at the end of week four, but before that, we will help you teach your dog how to look on cue and how to relax in their crate. We’ll also discuss desexing and oral care.


After week four, you and your puppy are ready to take on the world and use the things you learned in puppy school.

About our puppy school teacher

Our puppy school was recently taken over by Miranda. Miranda is a Cert 4 nurse and loves dogs. She normally runs the school every Monday and Wednesday in the evening so that you can easily attend after work. Miranda has years of experience as a vet nurse, and she’ll teach you how to care for your puppy and give you more breed-specific information.


If it’s time for your new dog to start puppy school, call Arundel Veterinary Surgery on the Gold Coast.

Our number is 07 5529 0700.

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